This is Lacey


This is Lacey.








Lacey owns a humble stationery company called Studio Adorkable that features her whimsical designs on a variety of stickers, bookmarks, prints and scrapbooking goods.


She travels around to different comic cons drawing cute nerdy things and geeking out over fandoms with all the rest of her kind.


On top of that Lacey occupies a full time position in IT, pushing buttons, putting out fires, nursing her dependence on black coffee and hiccuping into a zombie like madness.  (Please don’t misunderstand, she’s very grateful for the madness.)


But what Lacey loves more than anything.. ANYTHING (except her family and faith, of course) is stories.  Lacey loves stories.


Lacey loves stories and she loves to create them.  If she could have any profession in the world it would be writing.  Even if she had to pay for her own health insurance…



This year, join Lacey as she strives to do the one thing she’s been working on since 2010…Finish that @#$! book.



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