“In the Dark” Flash Fiction

Your move, they taunted.

Eyes narrowed, he crouched at the edge of the fortress, preparing.  Defiant was his gaze over the vast canyon.  In the cramped corners, in the empty crevices between jagged points and suffocating folds they lurked.  His salvation lay aloft; a single source of light in this ever-growing pool of villainy.

Then he leapt!  Abrupt and heroic he sprung from the edge, dashing across the perilous terrain, reaching forward for his only hope!  Even as the sudden surge rose to throttle him he would not stop.  They clung to his legs, tendrils coiling up his body… but he reached, fingertips grazing the tiny, plastic switch and with one final stab against evil he pushed up.

A sharp, penetrating burst of purest light shot forth!  It filled the land, sending the vile creatures into an agonizing scream of disintegration and defeat!  He fell to the ground in an exhaustive groan of relief and victory… even as his bedroom door opened and his mother entered, he felt not fear of punishment, but the satisfaction that came with vanquishing one’s foe and sending it back to the depths of hell where it could rot forever.  Or until the next night.

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