“The Greatest Villain” Flash Fiction Story

The warrior stared back at her foe, feet planted, eyes locked ahead.  A breeze past between them in the quiet, the crisp edge making her skin shiver, yet she did not look away.

Come to me… it called.  She heard it’s voice in her head, the words welcoming, promising, seductive.

Come to me…

No… her voice was weak.  No, there was much to be done.  She could not give in.  But, under the alluring gaze of this, her greatest villain, the warrior’s resolve began to falter.

That’s it… the voice cooed as she stumbled a step forward, longing for satisfaction, come to me… And then the last of the warrior’s strength faded, her resistance slipping until there was no more.

Her sister would find her there, hours later and shriek in utter shock at the terrible scene unfolding before her eyes.  “I don’t believe it…”

“I don’t believe it… You’re asleep again!! I just don’t believe you! Don’t you have a deadline for that big project?  Isn’t it due, like TOMORROW!  God, you are SO LAZY!  And you can’t just leave this window open, idiot, you’ll get sick and then you’ll be on that stupid couch forever- which is probably what you want anyway… UGH!”

The warrior groaned, deep within the maw of the beast.  She barely heard the words of her sister, lamenting her fall, so full of sorrow and despair.

But never fear, the warrior thought, shifting in the coils.  I have it right where I want it.

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