“The Girl and the Daunt” Illustrations

A few favorite pages of my 2019 Inktober story.

2019 Commission Illustrations

A small sampling of the commissions in 2019.  This year I primarily did pieces based on beloved works of fiction, to my delight, along with a few special family geekish portraits.  What was most fun was dissecting literature to create accurate, whimsical depictions along with working on larger canvas sizes than previous years.  

Geekscape Collection

Circa 2015.  Works inspired by my favorite fictional places.  I wanted to leave characters out and just focus on the essence of the location and imagine myself there.  These were illustrated both in art and digitally between 2014 and 2017 (I think?).  My all time favorite of the series is the Wonderland pieces.

Bitscapes Collection

“Bits” are the little keyhole shaped characters I came up with in 2006 in college.  Doing these in 2016-2018 I developed a love for long compositions where the border was a key component of the illustration.



circa 2013-2016. Please forgive the crappy photography… dang it, Jim, I’m an artist not a photographer!



Wedding Portraits

“Bits of You”, Custom Digital Portraits

Special listing offered on the Studio Adorkable Etsy shop where patrons can commission custom Bits of themselves.